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150 local independent craft breweries, serving neighborhoods in every corner of the greater Bay Area, from San Francisco to East Bay, from North Bay to Silicon Valley, and on down the Coast. Our members are active contributors to their communities, holding charity events and collaborations with local organizations, and as an association, developing programs that support and encourage diversity, equity and inclusion within and beyond our industry. We thank you for supporting all local small businesses, and look forward to helping revitalize Bay Area communities where we live, work and share life's experiences.

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The craft beer industry is undergoing a long overdue and intense moment of self reflection right now; learn more here: Craft Beer’s Sexist and Racist Reckoning Has Come Again, Paste Magazine

Let's be emphatically clear -- There is absolutely no place in our region, in this guild, or in our industry for misogyny, inequality, racism, sexism or any other "-ism" that disempowers, abuses or treats individuals differently. The Bay Area Brewers Guild, along with the national Brewers Association and other industry leaders, is bringing online tools and resources to support members in routing out bad behavior and ensuring workplaces and tasting rooms are safe, inclusive and respectful of all. Learn more here.


We stand for independence, for small businesses, for diversity and individuality, for supporting local and giving back to community.


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