Black Is Beautiful

Enjoy local variations of this robust stout while fighting racial injustice. Special releases are on the way from neighborhood breweries...


Benefitting Safe Return Project

CALICRAFT with Rooted Coffee - Order Here
Beneficiary TBA on a 7/23 Thirsty Thursday event (details coming soon)

DRAKE'S - Order at Dealership (Oakland) | Order at Barrel House (San Leandro)
Benefitting Black Futures Lab

ALMANAC - Order Here
Benefitting Black Lives Matter and National Black Farmers Association


Benefitting the TGI Justice Project

Benefitting Anti Police Terror Project

Benefitting Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, which is supporting the CRISES Act to reimagine public safety and alternatives to policing.

Benefitting Equal Justice Initiative

Benefitting Anti Police Terror Project

Benefitted Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment and The Hidden Genius Project

FIELDWORK - Into Action IPA (Hazy DIPA) - Order Here
Benefitting Know Your Rights

>> See who is brewing Black Is Beautiful throughout the Bay <<

San Antonio-based Weathered Soul Brewery invited the world's craft breweries to produce a riff of its Imperial Stout recipe in support of Black Lives Matter -- and a movement was born. Black Is Beautiful beers not only make a statement with their bold taste, but are fundraisers for local racial justice programs. Look for, pick up and compare these releases from craft brewers across the Bay -- and the world. Learn more about this worldwide collaboration, and see all participating breweries, here


Fresh Beer Is Near!

Local breweries are here for you, with fresh releases, and safe, convenient ways to get them. #DrinkBayBeer.

21st Amendment Brewery
Hell or High Mango - Wheat Ale w. Mangos

Alameda Island Brewing Co.
Shellback - IPA ** New **
Tugboat - DIPA
South Shore - Kettle Sour
Neptune's Harvest - Apricot - Apricot Saison

Ale Industries
Hopnotized - Imperial IPA ** New **

Almanac Beer Co.
Plum Sournova - BA Sour w. Plums & Vanilla Beans ** New **
Libra Charm - DH Sour IPA with Fruit
Hypernova IV - Wild BA Sour w. Stone Fruit

Altamont Beer Works
Nelson Fuel - DH IPA ** New **
Catty Shack - SH IPA
Oktobierfest - Marzen / Festibier

Armistice Brewing Co.
Kashyyyk - Kölsch ** New **
Bleating Harts - Wet Hop Pale Ale
Koozie Joose - Hazy DIPA
Juice Queen - Hazy IPA
Boysenberry Coulis - Smoothie Sour

Brüehol Brewing
Into The Woods - Wet Hop DIPA ** New **

Calicraft Brewing Co.
The Wobblies - Wet Hop IPA ** New **

Danville Brewing Co.
Diablo Fog - Hazy IPA

Del Cielo Brewing Co.
Compa - WC IPA ** New **
Hoptinez - IPA ** New **

Drake's Brewing Co.
Team Shattuck - Unfiltered Hybrid IPA

Drake's Dealership
Team Shattuck - Unfiltered Hybrid IPA

East Brother Beer Co.
Festbier - Festbier

Eight Bridges Brewing
Brewno Marzen - Fiestbier
Definitely Beer - SH Italian Pilsner

Epidemic Ales
Cosmic Meltdown - SH IPA ** New **
Summer Skullfest - DDH Hazy IPA

Federation Brewing
Sun Sail - Wet Hopped WC IPA ** New **

Fieldwork Brewing Co. - Berkeley
Megachron - Hazy DIPA ** New **
Kaffe Latte - Espresso Milk Stout ** New **
Hannah - Bière de Garde ** New **
Freecloud - IPA ** New **
Hannah - Biere De Garde
Rasselbock - German Bock Lager
Fest Oktobergest - Lager
Noho Dank - WC IPA
Magic Valley - IPA
Miles City - Helles Lager
Party Whip - Kettle Sour Ale
Phantom Realms - IPA
Rainbow Towers - DIPA
DDH Pulp - DDH SH Hazy IPA

Fieldwork Brewing Co. - San Ramon
Megachron - Hazy DIPA ** New **
Kaffe Latte - Espresso Milk Stout ** New **
Hannah - Bière de Garde ** New **
Freecloud - IPA ** New **
Hannah - Biere De Garde
Rasselbock - German Bock Lager
Fest Oktobergest - Lager
Noho Dank - WC IPA
Magic Valley - IPA
Miles City - Helles Lager
Party Whip - Kettle Sour Ale
Phantom Realms - IPA
Rainbow Towers - DIPA
DDH Pulp - DDH SH Hazy IPA

Ghost Town Brewing
Log - Kettle Sour w. Lime, Orange, Guava ** New **
Scissor Hash - SH Wet Hop IPA ** New **
Bacchus - WC IPA with Sauvignon Blanc Juice ** New **
Death Blow - Hazy DIPA
Deluge - Hazy IPA
Witching Hour - BBA Imperial Stout

Gilman Brewing Co. - Berkeley
W. Berkeley - German Pilsner ** New **
Frog On Bicycle - Juicy WC IPA

Imperiale Beer Project
Panteras Box - Black Lager ** New **
Compa - WC IPA ** New **
Strata Cross Town - Wet Hop IPA
Hef Bezos - DH American Wheat w. Melon

Novel Brewing Co.
Innate Idea - BA Black Lager
Innate Idea - BA Black Lager w. Cocoa Nibs & Vanilla Beans
Agnostic  - Amber Ale
Agnostic - Amber Ale
Trope Juice - Hazy IPA

Oakland United Beerworks
New Oakland Glow - Linden St. Series - German Pilsner ** New **
No Sleep 'Til Oakland - Breakfast Porter ** New **

Ocean View Brew Works
Keep Calm - Kölsch ** New **
Chicken Hawk - California Common Lager

Original Pattern Brewing Co.
Pass The Buck - Hazy Pale Ale
Colossal Conundrum - Hazy DIPA
Patience Grasshopper - WC IPA
Cross Hatch - Kölsch

Shadow Puppet Brewing Co.
Baby Lush - Hazy Session IPA ** New **

Temescal Brewing
Hazy - Hazy Juicy IPA ** New **
Pils - Modern Pilsner ** New **
Endless Dream - Hazy IPA
Care Package - Hazy Pale Ale
Double Citra - SH Hazy DIPA
Guava Boat - Pale Ale w. Guava
Oktoberfest - Festibier

The Rare Barrel
2018 Blurred PsM - BA Tart Saison ** New **
2017 Tangerang! - DH BA Golden Sour ** New **
2018 The Kind You Find in the Summer - BA Golden Sour w. Raspberries ** New **
Forces Unseen - Golden BA Sour

Triple Rock Brewing
Hi-Time - DH WC IPA

True Symmetry Brewing Co
Hey Nineteen - Hazy IPA

Woods Bar & Brewery
Second Summer - Lager

Woods Beer Co.
Second Summer - Lager

as of 9/24/20

Slake Your Thirst with Wet Hop Ales

Hop harvest is a joyous time for brewers who rush freshly picked, un-kilned hops from bine to brewhouse, retaining oils and contributing delicate, almost ethereal flavors.

Brewers sourced locally from North Bay (Alexander Valley Hops, Blossom and Bine, Crane Ranch Hops and Redwood Hill Farm / Capracopia) and south of the Bay Area (Akiyama Hopyards and Hollister Hopyard), as well as some road trips to Oregon to Crosby Hops  and Indie Hops' Goschie Farms. 

Pick up these limited brews while you can. Click a profile to see each brewery's latest releases (wet hop release dates will vary).


click brewery profile for new release; wet hop release dates will vary.

New Releases

Wet Hop Pale Ale

Armistice Brewing Co.

Bleating Harts

Amber Ale
Marzen / Festibier
Golden BA Sour

The Rare Barrel

Forces Unseen


Temescal Brewing



Epidemic Ales

Summer Skullfest