NORTH BAY EVENT - 12 / 1 / 2019

Smitmas Story Comedy Night


December 1, 2019
8:00 PM - 2 Hours
1305 Cleveland Avenue
Santa Rosa,
Tickets / Reservation
$10 cover at door

After hours on the first Sunday of every month, Fogbelt's taproom transforms into one of the best comedy rooms north of the Golden Gate. Comics from all over the Bay Area and beyond descend on Fogbelt with one goal in mind; to make you laugh! See you in the taproom.

$10 Cover. 21+. Kitchen is Open.

Phil Griffiths (Headliner)
Amy Estes
Ahmed Abdelrahman
Frankie Marcos
Cody Smit (Host)

Phil Griffiths (Headliner)-
As far as mid-life crisis go, Phil Griffiths’ wife stacks his career in stand up comedy as better than a drug addiction but worse than him having a mistress. With his dry deadpan humor, Phil shares his slightly off observations on life. Phil has opened for Chad Daniels, Laurie Kilmartin, Josh Blue, Jermaine Fowler, Brad Williams and more. He also produces and hosts Comedy Sharks, a successful comedy showcases in the Bay Area. (

Smit (Host)-
Finally, your host for the evening and founding father of the Smit Show. Before doing stand-up comedy, Santa Rosa native Cody Smit started out as a rapper under the stage name, C-Smitty. After realizing he was tone-deaf and possessed no rhythm, he gave up on his dreams of becoming a white rapper and took to stand-up comedy. His first gig was at a slam poetry open mic, and consisted of him jotting down jokes about an ex-girlfriend on a bar napkin. His would-be set quickly escalated into a dreary tirade about her infidelity. Before he knew it, Smit was producing and hosting comedy shows throughout Sonoma County. At 22 years old, Smit learned the art of what it truly means to “bomb” on stage in the preliminary rounds of the San Francisco Comedy Competition. Now he does so with class and dignity.

*Views and opinions expressed by the comedians do not represent Fogbelt Brewing Co. Especially Smit.