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Get your craft-centric business and activities in front of an enthusiastic audience of craft beer fans and followers. Create a business account at DrinkBay.Beer and start listing.


  • List Year Round - List approved events and activities throughout the year in front of people eager to see what's happening in Bay Area communities.
  • Community Profile - Showcase your organization, and aggregate & link to all your listings in one place.
  • Cross Linking - When something special is happening, Listings get added to participants' Profiles as well as yours (even brewery profiles).
  • Co-Market Year-Round - Take part in collaborative co-marketing initiatives throughout the year, around themes, special occasions, even celebrations of individual beer scenes across the Bay.
  • Get Noticed - Upgrade and extend your marketing with exclusive DBB-provided digital toolkits and creative assets, and take advantage of additional promotional opportunities (emails, social, print pieces contests, etc.).
  • Name & Asset Usage - Only businesses registered here may use provided assets, materials, and registered names and trademarks.

Fine Print:
-- Additional locations can be added with the purchase of additional Listings (include alternative location in Note field)
-- If you are a nonprofit or community member involved in a 3rd party's Listing, , contact us about qualifying for a complimentary profile.
-- CA Dept. of ABC requires retail alcohol license holders pay fair market value for advertising and related services provided by this organization, and that a brewery manufacturer may not purchase such services on behalf of a retail license holder. As a result, the party hosting an event/listing must also be the party submitting and paying for the event/listing.
-- Breweries must be members of the Bay Area Brewers Guild to participate in DrinkBay.Beer. Please log into your guild member account (link). (Not a member and have questions? contact us about joining).

Amp Things Up

Elevate your listings to a targeted craft beer audience...

North Bay Brewer Weekend Supporter - $400

Support your local craft beer scene as a North Bay Brewer Weekend underwriter, and have your name dropped and listings highlighted in newsletters, on social, and in DrinkBay.Beer.

2x Feature Listings

  • Showcased & shared via social
  • Spotlighted in newsletter
  • Highlighted on North Bay Brewer Weekend landing
  • Called out on DrinkBay.Beer listings

Recognition via Social

  • Social shout outs in advance
  • Toast & cheers during NB Brewer Weekend
  • 'Thank You's post-Brewer Weekend
  • Logo branding opportunities

Discounts & Priority Account:

  • 20% off future DBB Listings throughout 2022
  • Priority Listing approval
  • Priority Profile placement
  • Priority technical support

Listings - $25 each

Before submitting a listing, please review the Listing Guidelines and FAQs. Note: DrinkBay.Beer is a curated listing service that encourages quality experiences and requires adherence to strict guidelines. The Bay Area Brewers Guild, which owns and operates DrinkBay.Beer, reserves the right to reject any listing for any reason.

Listing Types
Event Listing

An event (virtual or in person) held on a SET DATE and TIME

Key features:

  • stand-alone event listing show on day guides/schedules
  • capped duration - max. six hours (no all-day events)

Examples: Meet the Brewers, special release party, beer dinner, beer run, festival, live performance where special releases are featured, etc.

Offering Listing

Package of special releases or products sold in ADVANCE for DELIVERY / PICK UP.

Key features:

  • advance sale / pre-sale opportunities
  • market for gift giving and special occasions
  • may be attached to other listings for cross-promotion

Examples: Mixed pack of special or one-off collaboration releases; to-go packages for take-away business or as a companion to a virtual event.