Meet the Bay Area Brewers

With craft beer never more popular, what better time to introduce beer lovers to the Bay Area Brewers Guild?

Founded as the San Francisco Brewers Guild, the Bay Area Brewers Guild exists to promote local independent craft beer and craft breweries as part of a thriving regional craft beer scene.

The Bay Area is one of the best craft beer regions in the world. That's because it's also home to many of the best brewers in the world -- it's a region of pioneers and trailblazers, of the adventurous, the idiosyncratic, and the passionate. Diversity and camaraderie are equally embraced, reflected in our mission and our intent to have the Bay Area be an open community for brewers and beer lovers alike.

You've reveled in this spirit through activities like SF Beer Week, and can now get to know us here, where you'll find brewery profiles and soon beer release news, event listings and more. Or be the first to get cool new guild and chapter swag through our merch store, where you can customize your look and proudly present as a regional or chapter fan.

Event listings launch April 1. Join us -- sign up for news and announcements below!

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