Local breweries and the greater craft beer community extend thoughts and prayers to all those being effected by the COVID-19 pandemic.ย 

At this time, tasting rooms, bars and restaurants are closed or operating under restrictions as the State of California works to limit the spread of the virus and weather this public health crisis.ย 

At many local breweries, you can still get fresh beer, but the situation is fluid and availability will depend on the each brewery's situation, requirements and capabilities. Look up a brewery profile and link to the website or Facebook page for direct information and current hours of operation. We will provide updates here as well, as appropriate, and hope to be showcasing taprooms and member events again soon.

Just know our brewery members will be ready to play their role in strengthening community ties and rebuilding the local economy when this passes. There are few industries as committed to supporting each other and local neighborhoods as the craft beer industry. Stay safe, and we'll be here.



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