Medal Winners

Gold - Guava Dreams - Fruited American-Style Sour Ale 
Silver - Yerba Buena - Herb and Spice Beer

Silver - Haole Punch - Contemporary Gose 
Silver - Double Cone - Imperial India Pale Ale 
Bronze - Mai Tai P.A. - American-Style Strong Pale Ale

Gold - Agent Provocator - German-Style Doppelbock or Eisbock

Gold - Lager at World's End - American Lager

Silver - Seismic Tremor - American Lager

Bronze - Hello, Sabro! - Other Strong Beer

Bronze - Uncle Dave's - English Ale

Bronze - Venti is Large - Coffee Stout or Porter

Fresh Beer Is Near!

Local breweries are here for you, with fresh releases, and safe, convenient ways to get them. #DrinkBayBeer.

>> SPECIAL - Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stouts available throughout the Bay <<.
San Antonio's Weathered Soul Brewery invited the world's craft breweries to produce a riff of its Imperial Stout recipe in support of Black Lives Matter -- and a movement was born. Black Is Beautiful beers make a statement with their bold taste, and fundraise for local racial justice programs. 

Barebottle Brewing Co. - Santa Clara
Sour Patch Shandy - Sour Shandy
Kush Kingdom - Hazy IPA
Clouds of Rakau - Hazy Pale Ale
Royale With Simcoe - Hazy IPA

Blue Oak Brewing Co.
The Legend of Kimo - DDH NE IPA
Grey Matter - American Pilsner
Berry Stoned - Kettle Sour

Clandestine Brewing
Dark Tower - Apple Hybrid ** New **
V Is for Vote - Vienna Lager
Bier Statt Krieg - German Kölsch

Faultline Brewing Co.
Gold Rush - Pale Ale

Fieldwork Brewing Co. - San Mateo
Zomby Wolf - Hazy IPA ** New **
Infinite Stakes - Hazy IPA ** New **
Boysendairy - Berry Dairy Series - Kettle Sour w. Boysenberries & Milk Sugar ** New **
Powerbatch 5000 - Hazy DIPA ** New **
Saint Thomas O.G. - SH Hazy IPA ** New **
Banter Lord - DIPA
Missile Park - IPA
Citramancer - DDH IPA
Cabana Republic - Kettle Sour
Huntzlager - Dortmunder Export Lager

Freewheel Brewing Co.
Underground - IPA
Redwood City - WC IPA

Ghostwood Beer Co.
Lord Guava - Sour Ale

Hapa's Brewing Co.
Experience Talus - Hazy Pale Ale
Hangry Hippo - Kettle sour

Hermitage Brewing Co.
Cherry Limeade - BA Sour
Fly into the Mystery - Hazy IPA

Kelly Brewing Co.
Quincy's - American Amber Ale ** New **
Hoparitaville - IPA
Kuskie's Finest - Wild Lager

Loma Brewing Co.
Papa Bear - Pilsner

Narrative Fermentations
Chaos & Caffeine - Imperial Milk Porter

SMaSH  - SMaSH ** New **

as of 10/22/20

Slake Your Thirst with Wet Hop Ales

Hop harvest is a joyous time for brewers who rush freshly picked, un-kilned hops from bine to brewhouse, retaining oils and contributing delicate, almost ethereal flavors.

Brewers sourced locally from North Bay (Alexander Valley Hops, Blossom and Bine, Crane Ranch Hops and Redwood Hill Farm / Capracopia) and south of the Bay Area (Akiyama Hopyards and Hollister Hopyard), as well as some road trips to Oregon to Crosby Hops, Coleman Agriculture and Indie Hops' Goschie Farms. 

Pick up these limited brews while you can. Click a profile to see each brewery's latest releases (wet hop release dates will vary).

New Releases


Blue Oak Brewing Co.

The Legend of Kimo

Hazy IPA

Hermitage Brewing Co.

Fly into the Mystery

German Kölsch

Clandestine Brewing

Bier Statt Krieg