Black Is Beautiful

Enjoy local variations of this robust stout while fighting racial injustice. Special releases are on the way from neighborhood breweries...


Benefitting Black Lives Matter and NAACP Legal Defense Fund

DTSJ with Boast Coffee - Order Here
Benefitting San Jose African American Community Service Agency

S27 - Order Here
Benefitting Silicon Valley NAACP

LOMA - Get Here
Benefitting RYSE Foundation



>> See who is brewing BIB throughout the Bay <<

San Antonio-based Weathered Soul Brewery invited the world's craft breweries to produce a riff of its Imperial Stout recipe in support of Black Lives Matter -- and a movement was born. Black Is Beautiful beers not only make a statement with their bold taste, but are fundraisers for local racial justice programs. Look for, pick up and compare these releases from craft brewers across the Bay -- and the world. Learn more about this worldwide collaboration, and see all participating breweries, here


Fresh Beer Is Near!

Local breweries are here for you, with fresh releases, and safe, convenient ways to get them. #DrinkBayBeer.

Alpha Acid Brewing Co.
Gold Splash - Hazy Pale Ale ** New **
Belmonster - Imperial Sour Ale

Barebottle Brewing Co. - Santa Clara
Liquid Lotus - Hazy IPA ** New **
Mad Haus - German Pilsner
Freshly Berried - Strawberry Gose
Oat Float - Hazy IPA
Rainbow Drops - Hazy Pale Ale
Bru Romance - Hazy IPA
Cosmic Brownies - Union Rye Whisky BA Sout w. Vanilla
Cosmic Cookies - Union Rye Whisky BA Sout

Blue Oak Brewing Co.
Berry Stoned - Kettle Sour

Clandestine Brewing
Getting Caught in the Rain - Pineapple Kettle Sour

Devil's Canyon Brewing Co.
Beer Friday - Pilsner ** New **
If It Ain't Baroque - Hazy IPA

Fieldwork Brewing Co. - San Mateo
Friends In Space - IPA
Fog Ripper - Kettle Sour
King Citra - DIPA
Video Amageddon - IPA

Freewheel Brewing Co.
Big V - Amber

Hapa's Brewing Co.
Black Is Beautiful - Hapa's - Stout ** New **
Experience Galaxy - SH Hazy Pale Ale ** New **

Hermitage Brewing Co.
Copious - WC IPA

Kelly Brewing Co.
Ryeht To Worship - Wild Rye IPA ** New **
Three Riders - American Amber Ale
Dr. Nelson - DH, SH IPA

New World Ales
New Fruit, Bigger Box - Imperial Sour Blonde Ale w. Mixed Fruit

S27 Alehouse & Brewery
Kompot Kooler - Fruited Kölsch

Strike Brewing Co.
The Wheat Spot - German Hefeweizen ** New **
Santa Cruz - Blonde Ale

as of 7/31/20

New Releases

German Hefeweizen

Strike Brewing Co.

The Wheat Spot


Hapa's Brewing Co.

Black Is Beautiful - Hapa's

Pineapple Kettle Sour

Clandestine Brewing

Getting Caught in the Rain